Sharing Your Problems on Social Media is NOT GOOD?

Hi Assalamualaikum!

First of all,
whatever I'm about to say are based on personal observations and experiences.

So, here we go.
Have you been asked about how can you be so happy and positive all the time?
When people ask me, the truth is I AM NOT. You just have to put on a happy face because society doesn’t know what to do with the UNHAPPY YOU. Instead of judging you, what else?

I believe that no one ever choose to be so quiet, cry at every moment, feel so lonely, miserable and  broken. But hey, how do we handle it?

Some people tend to share their problems on Instagram, Facebook etc. Yes, I did it before. But again, what's the point huh? Did you know that when you share something on your social media, you’re sharing information amongst friends that know nothing instead of the one who you really need to settle down. Indeed, not every person you’ve ever interacted with needs to know about what you're struggling with.

The least you share your problem, the more people respect you. Let us not share our own personal problem publicly. Let it stay between you and 'that' person. If you are having a bad day, remember.... I am not happy all the time. I'm only human. But I try my best to be cheerful and joyful as I can. I don’t like being sad but sometimes yes, the pain do takes over and I am just left there unable to breathe again.

STOP. Stop sharing your problem on your social media. Stop seeking for attention. Show them you know exactly how to handle your own life. Instead of making people happy to see you down, let your happiness makes people wonder how can you smile and be happy all the time.

Don't you think that a human being looks best with a smile on?
Till then, have a nice day ahead.


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