Words that burn.

Hai Assalamualaikum,

Hope you guys doing fine.

Another way to tell people why they should be careful with their words.

Words are powerful.
It can leave a huge impact towards people.

The pain caused from mean words posted on social media may lead to bad talk that happens behind each other's backs. I honestly agree that "people are bound to take sides" sigh.

p/s : Please use your social media wisely. Don't ever spread negativity. In case you don't want people to judge your actual attitude? haha just saying.

Words can cause Physical Pain.
Words also can hurt more than actions.

Even you don't remember exactly what they really said, you tend to dwell on it over and over until you find out why they said it. (Well, you are so into it)

Btw, I love this quote saying that,

"Forget what hurt you in the past, but never forget what it taught you."
~Shannon L. Alder

Deal with it, peacefully.

You are old enough to think wisely.

p/s: Why people always talk bad about others and what actually they want? Blerghhhh I don't get it. Somebody please motivate me bcs I can't motivate my ownself! sighhhh

Till then,
Have a nice day ahead.

Best Regards,


  1. I'm out of words after reading this.

  2. yes yes yes. I can forgive them easily but it's hard to forget their words. hmmm.

  3. Be happy and keep moving on. :D

  4. ppl will talk without knowing the real thing. it's normal. i used to be that kind of person too but i regret so much.

  5. To me if there anything that they want to tell us they can do it properly like talking to us about that personally, yknow, with nice approach. not using harsh words ke apa perli2 on social media telling the world.
    or if they got nothing nice to say just be silent hehe.