5 Things to Do When You Feel Angry

Hai Assalamualaikum.

Do you know that anger isn't worth it? 

Honestly, it wasn't that bad to feel angry. Yeah sometimes anger shows a sign that you dislike something, or you stick to what it supposed to and you’re entitled, allowed and yeah, got that right...to feel whatever you need to feel. We all are.But, there are ways for you to deal with anger and of course depends on the situation. 

So here suggestions on what to do whenever you feel angry.

1. Calm down yourself.

In case you're angry for a valid reason, calm down. Don't overthink over something, it just ruined your mood, day and everything. Let it happen as the times will heals.

2. Go out, go for a walk

As for me, I prefer go for a walk instead of staying in place which make me feel dumb. You can get yourself all in righteousness and overcome all negative thoughts by looking at something peaceful. Doing what you enjoy will make you feel more fulfilled. Just try out, it works well tho lol.

3. Listen to a music.

I tend to hear an upbeat songs. But I suggest you to hear any relaxing song. It give you positive vibes tho.

4. Cool off with something you love.

I love doodling, writing. Oh yes, I love sports. So, doing what you love will help you reduce your anger. Seriously? Am I kidding? No. I'm serious. I really am. Try out something different like doing an adventures sports etc. Argh, I keep on saying about sports. I know right! But yeah, try something new, something you love.

5. Remain silent

Obviously is not a sign of loser. People will notice you just with your silent treatment. Thanked me later, but you supposed to stay back and ignore people or else your anger will lead you into something huge, something you don't even want to do, or say. I have learned from my mistake. Have you?

That's all. I really want to share more but its already late.
Hope this help. Mind to share how you deal with anger?
Oh btw, mood mengada nak menulis dalam BI datang, I can't help it.

p/s : Don't feel ashamed to write or even talk in english. Slowly it will improve your language.

Best regards,


  1. I usually do the number 1, 3 and 4 well work for me so far. Nice tips btw ❤