What's the saddest birthday you had?

Hai assalamualaikum,

Been awhile I didn't post here. So what's up?

Alhamdulillah for the give of life and yaaa...maybe the opportunity to add yet another year to my years? So grateful for that. 20 years, without teen. Girl, you grew up.

For all wishes I've got, thank you <3 I'm blessed.

How to deal with Birthday Depression and Sadness?

No, it's not like I'm having depression right now. Just a bit sad bcs I remembered few days back when I told ibu to celebrate together but then ibu said, "Guna lah duit ni beli kek buat makan2 dengan kawan2 dekat IPG sana"

You know, it's hurt to hear and think that ibu just wanna make sure that I'm happy enough to face such birthday without family. I know right.

I don't want money, presents, stuff!
And that time you realize that how money can't buy everything.

But it's okay tho.
I've bought something untuk classmates. (Macam yang ibu suruh)


Siapa je yang tak suka brownies?
Alhamdulillah, I used the money wisely. eheh

Yeah 20th pheww

Also, others.
Yang tak jemu layan celoteh tah apa apa nih.

Till then, have a nice day ahead.