general story.



a few days ago, i got questions or more precisely i say, some silly questions from a mysterious guy i thought. all of his question was related to blogger ee. frankly i say, its totally annoyed when he started disturbing the other bloggers, ninaa, syura, miss boo and miza .(all of them existed from blogger's wechat ). whoever he is, totally out of gentle bruh.

#quandary session

i bet tht spm leaver or whatsoever related with was on dilemma to decide whether to go upu, form six, matrix and wherever else. same here same here ! confusions tec. T__T

#teeth again

my mum said tht i should dispose gigi taring ni. but i dont wanna to. taktau ke gigi taring was superb pleasing and i jst love it. hewhew


aint vacation actually, but its a trip to pick up matrix's student at perlis on tomorrow's night. and yaa, my family and neighbour gonna join too .from johor heading to perlis? one word to scream out loud, yayyyy ! :D


while resting and enjoying a cup of tea (KONON) , ayah said something tht even make me laugh harder.

"along dah kerja, dah ada kereta rumah. angah tu dalam proses beli kereta. yang adik ni bila lagi?" ( pffttttt :3 dont get me wrong, whole family keep on calling me 'adik' eventhough there's my lil brother which is 4 y/o. haha :P ) sounds sweet.

"Nanti lah tunggu orang kahwin dengan anak datuk ke datin. siap amik audi lagi."

"nak kahwin dengan anak datuk datin mampu beli audi je?"

speechless kejap then im laughing so hard. dreadfully laugh lah seh. haha

"Lah biar lah yahh, dah kereta idaman nak buat acane."

Kbai :P


  1. Audi wahhhh T.T haha. keliur den.. well said, about the choices where to go after this make me confuse too :( well, good luck eh adda. aww so sweet adikk addaaaa :P

  2. Hahahhahah Audi dah cukup best kottt >.<

  3. pasal unknown tu lantaklah dia. sesapa entah pape je. hmm
    adda. kalau ai dapat anak dato datin. bukan audi je ai mintak.
    fuhh sebab tu lah tk dapat kot. kalau tak jadi pisau cukur lah ai. muahaha.

  4. Scarynya bila orang sibuk-sibuk tanya pasal kawan kita.

  5. hahaha . "adik" ea ? adik comel . alololo . haha . sweet tak ? haha . pasal choices tu pilih yg adda rasa adda mampu nak carry :) inshaAllah all the best k adda :) johor to perlis ?! singgah la perak ni . hehehe

  6. mesti akk ni anak manja even tho bukan yg bongsu..hihi

  7. hahahhaa... mr.unknown.... :P
    adik ek?? ok, start arini nak pnggl adda adik jg lerr.... can?

  8. i pun nak kawen ngan dato' :)